SeeScore MusicXML SDK for developers

SeeScore is built around a cross-platform MusicXML rendering engine - SeeScoreLib, which is available for use under license. Currently there are versions for iOS, Mac OS X, Android and Windows 8

SeeScoreLib gives you:

  • Display of any valid MusicXML file with scaleable display
  • Individual part selection
  • Transpose, or change clef
  • A built-in synthesizer which plays all or individual parts with sampled instruments and selectable tempo. You can use your own sampled sounds, or we can supply samples of various instruments
  • Access to the graphical musical information in the score
  • Full midi-style play data using iterators giving access to ordered bars and notes with midi pitch, start & duration in milliseconds, accounting for tempo, time sigs etc, and bars correctly ordered accounting for repeats, DC,DS,Fine. This can be used for driving a cursor, supplying data to a synth or for recognising played notes.
  • Dynamic note colouring under program control

It is extremely flexible. Code is provided to drive a cursor, either bar-by-bar or note-by-note. Information about the graphical positioning of elements is supplied, so your program can respond to taps on musical elements. Notes can be identified and separately coloured. Musical midi-style information is available so your program can treat the MusicXML as a stream of notes. All the difficult work is done with tempo changes and repeats, and you just get a stream of midi note values and times in milliseconds. It's easy to get started on your logic, and ignore all the messy stuff with converting divisions into real times. One of our customers has used this to recognize played notes and colour them appropriately. The possibilities are huge and growing.

SeeScore SDKs are available now

You can download a free evaluation version of the SeeScore SDK which shows a faint 'watermark' over the score. This can be upgraded with a key file to remove the watermark for app release by purchase of a licence.

Version 1.87 is now available. This includes:

  • The SeeScoreLib framework
  • (iOS only) SSScrollView. An easy-to-use component, conforming to developer guidelines on memory use, using SeeScoreLib to drop into your iOS storyboard to give a multi-threaded scrolling display of a MusicXML score with pinch-zoom.
  • A sample app demonstrating all main features of the SDK including scrolling, pinch-zoom, playing, transpose, note-by-note or bar-by-bar active cursor, metronome, user-set tempo, transposing instrument support, note colouring support, tap location etc.
  • Full documentation


  • iOS (V1.92) (NB This is >300MB. Please contact support if the download fails)
  • OS X (V1.91)
  • Android (V1.87) (synthesizer not available yet)
  • Windows 8 (V1.66) (BETA - synthesizer not available yet)

Please contact support for details about licensing the SDK.

Other platforms

If you are interested in displaying MusicXML on another platform please contact support.

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