Screenshot of sheet music displayed on the iPad
SeeScore for iPad

A musical score reader

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SeeScore reads the music

Because it uses MusicXML scores, SeeScore can display the music flexibly, fitting it to your screen at any zoom level. This is a leap forward from other score display apps which use PDF files containing just a fixed picture of a page of music. Since it reads the actual music, SeeScore can display just the parts you choose, at the magnification you choose, without wasting precious screen space on the page borders.

Your Accompanist

SeeScore will accompany you with a realistic sampled piano sound while you play. It will autoscroll and always show you the current bar, and it will take account of tempo and dynamic changes in the music. It can play a metronome too, but unlike any other metronome it also automatically updates for any tempo or time signature changes in the music.

Go to bar 20

You can send SeeScore to any place in the music simply by touching the bar which you want to go to, before starting or while you are playing. It makes it easy to practice that difficult bit.


SeeScore can transpose the score for you to play. Notes, key signatures and harmonies are all correctly handled, but don't worry - the original file is not changed and you can always revert back to how it was.

This is so revolutionary it simply has to be tried - we have provided SeeScore Lite for free so that you can see the quality of the music display!

SeeScore will be launching at soon.

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